Here are some questions we commonly receive:

  1. How do I submit a letter of intent or grant proposal? We do not accept unsolicited letters of intent or grant proposals. You may send us a one page or less description of your organization and program that we will review when we have funding available.
  2. How do I get invited to apply? We proactively contact organizations in which we are interested and invite them to apply.
  3. Do you fund human services? Our primary focus is in education, healthcare and performing arts. On rare occasions, we may make small grants to human services organizations when funds are available.
  4. My non-profit organization is not an accredited educational institution, but it does have an educational component. Would you consider funding this aspect of our non-profit? No, we fund accredited institutions whose primary and exclusive focus is education, healthcare or performing arts.
  5. My funding request is outside the realm of your focus areas. Can I still submit a request? We do not make grants outside of our funding priorities.
  6. When are your deadlines? We do not have an application deadline. We review projects on a rolling basis. Once your organization has been invited to apply, we will notify you of deadlines well in advance.
  7. Do you fund general operating support? No, we focus on specific programs or projects that can be completed in a one-year time period.
  8. Can I contact you with a question not answered on the website? Please feel free to email or call us with additional questions, although we ask that you first become thoroughly familiar with the information contained on this website.
  9. Can we invite you to lunch to explain our program or project? We would rather not as we recognize that all nonprofit professionals are very busy and we prefer to discuss programs in a business setting upon our request.
  10. Do you accept the Santa Barbara common grant application? We do not require, nor use in general, the Santa Barbara common grant application form.