Edward Birch Photo credit: Roe Anne White

Our President’s Letter

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Mosher Foundation website. The goal of our website is to present information in a clear and concise manner with easy-to-use navigation. In addition to creating an informative site, we also want our website to reflect the Mosher Foundation’s gradual change during the last decade.

As explained in the history section, Samuel and Margaret Mosher’s giving primarily reflected their personal passions. Mrs. Mosher’s wish was for our family to assume responsibility of the foundation following her death in 2002. While we have chosen to honor many of their interests, we have also felt the need to pursue a somewhat different focus, primarily in the way grants are made.

Our interest is in helping programs and projects that can truly make a significant difference in our community, particularly in the areas of education, health care and performing arts. We have sought out and consulted with the best experts in the philanthropic arena to help us. We are most interested in partnerships where we can encourage non-profit organizations to look at new and better ways to do their work. What do we mean by “partnerships?” We want to encourage non-profit organizations to look outside the ordinary and the expected to develop programs that will have significant impact. Our role in this partnership is to provide the funding to convert these dreams into reality.

Generally, we prefer these partnerships and grants to be on a year-to-year basis. We shy away from supporting capital and endowment campaigns and gala events, and do not encourage bricks and mortar projects. Ours is clearly an interest in new programs and new ideas.

The leaders of our Foundation are all very active volunteers in Santa Barbara, and as a result we feel well informed about the needs of the community. As such, we do not require completion of a formal application. Rather, if an organization feels it has something for us to consider, we will accept a brief, one-page summary of a program or project that both fits our focus areas and our interests. While there are many deserving local non-profit institutions, we are optimistic that we can do our best work by pursuing this model. In the years to come, our hope is that these partnerships will make a difference in Santa Barbara.

Edward Birch
President and CEO
Mosher Foundation